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If you would like to e-mail me with questions or comments, my e-mail address is <1@2.3>, where the numbers represent the words ``dcljr'', ``obkb'' and ``com'', respectively. (Sorry for the convoluted way of giving the address. I did it that way so web robots wouldn't be able to get my address off of this page.)

Before you e-mail me with a question, please read the following list of frequently asked questions to see if yours is answered there.

Questions I am most often asked...

Many questions I am asked are addressed (if not fully answered) somewhere in my Info Archives. Please take a moment to look through my site to see if you can find an answer that way. If not, then I'll be happy to answer your question by e-mail.

Sometime in the future, I may add a little search engine to search my Info Archives for keywords. I don't know when or if I'll actually get around to doing this. In the meantime, you can narrow searches at Alta Vista to my pages using the ``url:'' option in an Advanced Query. See the advanced help form for more info. (I haven't gotten great results with this, but at least it's something.)

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