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frost01.jpg - "Opening Everywhere"
frost02.jpg - Gilbert Gottfried looks into cereal box
frost03.jpg - he takes out a single Cheerio and looks at it
frost04.jpg - Gilbert at breakfast table: "Stupendous!"
frost05.jpg - Underdog shows up (shot from inside box)
frost06.jpg - he takes a Cheerio out of the box
frost07.jpg - shot of regular Cheerio becoming a frosted one
frost08.jpg - Melissa: "Well, DUH!"
frost09.jpg - as above
frost10.jpg - Melissa: "Of course they're delicious!"
frost11.jpg - she eats a spoonful of cereal
frost12.jpg - as above -- rolling her eyes
frost13.jpg - "Tastes so Good!"; shot of box on table
frost14.jpg - Raven Simone: "This is way too good for adults!"