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jazzy01.jpg - Melissa: 'Hey...'
jazzy02.jpg - 'I don't want to be a copy-cat.'
jazzy03.jpg - four images of the same girl, all in a row
jazzy04.jpg - 'I like to do my own thing.' (MJH with hands above head)
jazzy05.jpg - 'Do your own Jazzy thing' written on screen
jazzy06.jpg - Melissa: 'With Jazzy Jewelry and new Jazzy Accessories.'
jazzy07.jpg - 'Now I can make jewelry...'
jazzy08.jpg - '...you can't find at the mall.'
jazzy09.jpg - 'Funky sand jewelry.' (shot of MJH in swimsuit)
jazzy10.jpg - as above (she's doing 'the swim')
jazzy11.jpg - Melissa: 'And cool stuff for my hair...' (close-up)
jazzy12.jpg - 'Now my diary...' (MJH holding out diary)
jazzy13.jpg - '...is extra-personal.' (pulls it toward her)
jazzy14.jpg - 'And it's all original -- like me!'
jazzy15.jpg - Melissa exits
jazzy16.jpg - as above
jazzy17.jpg - as above
jazzy18.jpg - shot of four boxes of Jewelry and Accessories