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kpp401.jpg - close-up of a big mouth yammering away
kpp402.jpg - Melissa appears
kpp403.jpg - talks about how politicians will be 'yakety-yakking'
kpp404.jpg - starts walking toward camera
kpp405.jpg - MJH: 'Nick wants you to let them know...' (closer)
kpp406.jpg - MJH: 'What you think.' (close-up of her mouth)
kpp407.jpg - as above (after she's finshed talking)
kpp408.jpg - MJH: 'Hi, I'm Melissa Joan Hart...' (close-up)
kpp409.jpg - MJH: 'With Nickelodeon's...' (a little closer)
kpp410.jpg - MJH: 'Kid's Pick the President campaign.' (closer still)
kpp411.jpg - Melissa from above
kpp412.jpg - MJH: 'What issues matter to you?'
kpp413.jpg - a great (IMO) facial expression
kpp414.jpg - MJH: 'What do the candidates keep talking about?'
kpp415.jpg - as above
kpp416.jpg - an excellent close-up of Melissa, IMHO
kpp417.jpg - as above; MJH: 'What would you do...'
kpp418.jpg - as above; MJH: 'If you were President?'
kpp419.jpg - as above (couldn't choose between this and #18)
kpp420.jpg - full-body shot of Melissa introducing KPP address
kpp421.jpg - address on-screen as she reads it
kpp422.jpg - Melissa in front of cloudy sky
kpp423.jpg - as above: Washington Monument comes into view
kpp424.jpg - she glances at the Monument
kpp425.jpg - close-up of Melissa above the KPP address
kpp426.jpg - another full-body shot
kpp427.jpg - Melissa from below
kpp428.jpg - as above
kpp429.jpg - 'VOICE YOUR CHOICE' (Melissa also says these words)
kpp430.jpg - MJH: 'On Nick!' (adorable close-up)
kpp431.jpg - as above
kpp432.jpg - as above