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afr01.jpg - Are You Afraid of the Dark? title logo
afr02.jpg - episode title: 'The Tale of the Frozen Ghost'
afr03.jpg - Daphne & Charles in limo (he's not allowed to catch cold)
afr04.jpg - Daphne stares out the window
afr05.jpg - Daphne: 'Are we here?'
afr06.jpg - Daphne: 'I hope!' (I can't remember what she's referring to)
afr07.jpg - Daphne after the rocking chair stops on its own
afr08.jpg - Charles's aunts greet them, more or less
afr09.jpg - Charles and Daphne in the doorway
afr10.jpg - Charles saying 'Ghosts??' (as he does several times)
afr11.jpg - Daphne is not happy with Charles
afr12.jpg - she tells him to just hurry up and get ready (I think)
afr13.jpg - Charles, in the bathtub, hears a sound
afr14.jpg - Daphne talks to Charles's aunts
afr15.jpg - as above
afr16.jpg - one of the aunts: name??
afr17.jpg - the other: name??
afr18.jpg - Daphne, at the table
afr19.jpg - Charles, at the table
afr20.jpg - Daphne again, being critical of Charles (as usual)
afr21.jpg - Charles, being a wimp (as usual)
afr22.jpg - Charles sees the ghost outside his window
afr23.jpg - the ghost: 'I'm cold.'
afr24.jpg - Charles runs to Daphne's room
afr25.jpg - Daphne dismisses his fears
afr26.jpg - Charles explains to Daphne about the ghost
afr27.jpg - Daphne is getting annoyed
afr28.jpg - she's not buying it
afr29.jpg - Daphne, after Charles asks if he can sleep in her room
afr30.jpg - Charles, the next day, at breakfast
afr31.jpg - Daphne can't believe that his aunts believe his story
afr32.jpg - she decides it's pretty cool
afr33.jpg - another shot of Daphne
afr34.jpg - and another -- you just can't have too many pics of Daphne
afr35.jpg - Daphne finds an axe to chop firewood
afr36.jpg - she explains to Charles that he's a total wuss
afr37.jpg - she pursues this line of thought
afr38.jpg - she illustrates her point with a little mud
afr39.jpg - Daphne continues to berate Charles
afr40.jpg - after hearing the ghost, Daphne runs off to find it...
afr41.jpg - but it finds Charles first (close-up of ghost)
afr42.jpg - close-up of Charles screaming
afr43.jpg - Daphne & Charles see ghost again after Charles falls in mud
afr44.jpg - Charles thinks he knows what the ghost wants
afr45.jpg - the ghost gets what he wants
afr46.jpg - Daphne and Charles are happy
afr47.jpg - they find an odd object
afr48.jpg - turns out to be key to open flue in pipe-stove heater
afr49.jpg - gold coins spill out of the stove
afr50.jpg - and everyone lives happily ever after