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tbaa001.jpg - Tess and Monica look at CDs
tbaa002.jpg - Claire working behind the counter
tbaa003.jpg - Sandy, Claire's mom, at the mic
tbaa004.jpg - Claire reacts to hearing her mom's show
tbaa005.jpg - Claire can't believe ? shoplifted his jacket
tbaa006.jpg - he produces the proof
tbaa007.jpg - (I can't remember what he just said to her)
tbaa008.jpg - after he leaves, Claire thinks about it...
tbaa009.jpg - and smiles to herself
tbaa010.jpg - Touched By An Angel title
tbaa011.jpg - Sandy takes a call from her assistant, ?
tbaa012.jpg - Claire listens to their conversation
tbaa013.jpg - Tess and Monica watch Claire
tbaa014.jpg - Claire reacts when her mom fires ? on the air
tbaa015.jpg - Sandy is surprised when Monica shows up for the job
tbaa016.jpg - Monica doing on-air 'interview' for the position
tbaa017.jpg - Claire in the library looking at ?
tbaa018.jpg - Claire, after ? smiles at her
tbaa019.jpg - Claire talks to her friend, ?
tbaa020.jpg - as above
tbaa021.jpg - as above -- Claire with an 'are you kidding?' expression
tbaa022.jpg - ? and Claire, when Crystal shows up
tbaa023.jpg - Claire, after Crystal insults her mom
tbaa024.jpg - Claire attacks!
tbaa025.jpg - 'Take it back!' (Claire has Crystal in headlock)
tbaa026.jpg - ? tells her to stop (Claire looking back at him)
tbaa027.jpg - Tess becomes Sandy's on-air partner
tbaa028.jpg - 'Tess is in town!' (Tess on the mic)
tbaa029.jpg - Claire meets Monica
tbaa030.jpg - 'If you're my mother's new assistant...'
tbaa031.jpg - Claire gives her mom the disciplinary report
tbaa032.jpg - Claire brings up the firing of ?
tbaa033.jpg - 'I guess I'm just a bit, too.' (I think)
tbaa034.jpg - Close-up of Claire lamenting her fate
tbaa035.jpg - one of Claire's if-looks-could-kill looks (close-up)
tbaa036.jpg - Claire's reaction to getting grounded (close-up)
tbaa037.jpg - as above (close-up)
tbaa038.jpg - Sandy is exasperated
tbaa039.jpg - so is Claire
tbaa040.jpg - 'Daddy wouldn't ground me at all.' (Claire, close-up)
tbaa041.jpg - 'Why don't you just send the lamb to the slaughterhouse!'
tbaa042.jpg - 'Get it over with!' (this and above Claire, close-up)
tbaa043.jpg - 'Don't worry, Mother -- it's just a bit!' (Claire, cl-up)
tbaa044.jpg - Monica visits the school counselor
tbaa045.jpg - as above -- the counselor, ?
tbaa046.jpg - close-up of ? -- he likes Monica
tbaa047.jpg - the station manager has a talk with Sandy
tbaa048.jpg - she bluffs that she has lots of new material
tbaa049.jpg - Monica meets Claire outside the school
tbaa050.jpg - Claire can't believe Monica has a 'date' for the prom
tbaa051.jpg - Monica tells her she's the favorite to be asked by ?
tbaa052.jpg - ? asks Claire to the prom (?)
tbaa053.jpg - 'I'd rather impale myself on the Washington Monument!'
tbaa054.jpg - ? says something (can't remember what)
tbaa055.jpg - Claire and ? laugh at it
tbaa056.jpg - Claire reacts when ? moves to steal a CD
tbaa057.jpg - Claire sees ?
tbaa058.jpg - Tess shrugs: there aren't any calls coming in
tbaa059.jpg - Claire reacts to Sandy describing her on the air
tbaa060.jpg - as above -- it starts to sink in (close-up)
tbaa061.jpg - Claire is mortified (close-up)
tbaa062.jpg - as above -- after ? walks off
tbaa063.jpg - as above
tbaa064.jpg - Sandy comes home to face Claire
tbaa065.jpg - 'I hate you!' (Claire)
tbaa066.jpg - Claire and Sandy (close-up of Claire)
tbaa067.jpg - Claire reacts to... (?)
tbaa068.jpg - 'Wait!' (close-up of Claire with Mom over her shoulder)
tbaa069.jpg - as above -- Claire listens to Sandy talk about Daddy
tbaa070.jpg - as above -- Sandy tells Claire about Daddy's affair
tbaa071.jpg - 'He didn't want you then and he doesn't want you now...'
tbaa072.jpg - last shot of Claire talking to Sandy
tbaa073.jpg - Claire on the phone -- she needs to get out of town
tbaa074.jpg - Sandy getting fired (close-up)
tbaa075.jpg - meanwhile, Claire and ? go visit a sleezeball
tbaa076.jpg - said sleezeball checks Claire out
tbaa077.jpg - Claire notices...
tbaa078.jpg - and looks away
tbaa079.jpg - Claire, after sleezeball says to come in
tbaa080.jpg - Claire enters the house
tbaa081.jpg - sleezeball wants to be alone w/ Claire (close-up, Claire)
tbaa082.jpg - sleezeball circles Claire (close-up of sleezeball)
tbaa083.jpg - Claire realizes she's in trouble (close-up)
tbaa084.jpg - she tries to talk her way out of it (close-up)
tbaa085.jpg - 'No, really...' (as above)
tbaa086.jpg - 'Forget it...' [or was it 'Nevermind'?] (as above)
tbaa087.jpg - when he grabs her, Claire's head morphs into Monica's
tbaa088.jpg - as above
tbaa089.jpg - as above
tbaa090.jpg - as above
tbaa091.jpg - Monica gives sleezeball a little smile...
tbaa092.jpg - then transports him to the middle of nowhere
tbaa093.jpg - sleezeball is surprised, to say the least (close-up)
tbaa094.jpg - back at the house, Claire is bathed in a bright light
tbaa095.jpg - Monica appears to her
tbaa096.jpg - 'Tell me there's a scientific explanation for this.'
tbaa097.jpg - Claire reacts as Monica speaks to her (as above)
tbaa098.jpg - as above ('...You only hurt yourself.')
tbaa099.jpg - 'I don't know what I'm doing here.' (close-up of Claire)
tbaa100.jpg - the light subsides as Claire continues to talk to Monica
tbaa101.jpg - 'God loves you...' (close-up of Monica)
tbaa102.jpg - Claire reacts (close-up)
tbaa103.jpg - as above
tbaa104.jpg - another close-up of Monica
tbaa105.jpg - 'Sounds like my mother's the one who needs an angel.' (Claire cl-up)
tbaa106.jpg - Monica says, 'She already has one.' (as above)
tbaa107.jpg - Tess 'appears' to Sandy
tbaa108.jpg - 'I don't believe in God.' (close-up of Sandy)
tbaa109.jpg - 'Why would God send an angel to me?' (Sandy)
tbaa110.jpg - Sandy doesn't want to hear what Tess is saying
tbaa111.jpg - she finally breaks down
tbaa112.jpg - Monica and Claire arrive
tbaa113.jpg - Sandy and Claire hug (close-up of Sandy)
tbaa114.jpg - as above (close-up of Claire)
tbaa115.jpg - Sandy talks to Claire (close-up of Claire)
tbaa116.jpg - as above
tbaa117.jpg - Monica and Tess celebrate a job well done
tbaa118.jpg - Claire and ? at the prom (long shot)
tbaa119.jpg - close-up of Sandy
tbaa120.jpg - ?, Claire and ?
tbaa121.jpg - ? and Claire dancing
tbaa122.jpg - as above
tbaa123.jpg - as above -- Claire waves at Monica
tbaa124.jpg - Monica waves back (close-up)
tbaa125.jpg - Close-up of Claire dancing
tbaa126.jpg - as above
tbaa127.jpg - ? and Claire come off the dance floor
tbaa128.jpg - Sandy greets Claire
tbaa129.jpg - Claire wants Sandy to pin corsage on her (cl-up, Claire)
tbaa130.jpg - as above -- Claire smiling
tbaa131.jpg - as above -- after Sandy says, 'Very carefully...'
tbaa132.jpg - as above -- Claire looks down
tbaa133.jpg - as above -- Claire really smiling now
tbaa134.jpg - another close-up of Sandy
tbaa135.jpg - close-up of Monica as she talks to ?
tbaa136.jpg - Monica's wrist-corsage becomes a dove
tbaa137.jpg - closing shot of dove and street light