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wein01.jpg - 'Weinerville City Limits' sign in opening sequence
wein02.jpg - Marc Weiner prepares to watch 'Dottie TV'
wein03.jpg - Dottie on her show 'Shmoozing with the Stars'
wein04.jpg - she announces Elizabeth Hess
wein05.jpg - Elizabeth blows kisses to the audience
wein06.jpg - she turns to Dottie
wein07.jpg - Elizabeth laughs
wein08.jpg - she looks down as she puts her hands on her knee
wein09.jpg - she plays with her hair after Dottie compliments her
wein10.jpg - Dottie mentions Elizabeth's passion for raspberries
wein11.jpg - Elizabeth: 'How did you know about that?'
wein12.jpg - Dottie: 'The writers told me!' (Elizabeth laughs)
wein13.jpg - Elizabeth talks about her love of raspberries
wein14.jpg - the 'Stage Hand' brings out a little raspberry pie
wein15.jpg - Elizabeth dives in
wein16.jpg - she says goodbye
wein17.jpg - the Lovable Zip announces Melissa Joan Hart
wein18.jpg - Dottie asks Melissa if she can sign a photo for someone
wein19.jpg - she says she doesn't have one to sign
wein20.jpg - as above (Melissa smiles)
wein21.jpg - Dottie: 'We do!' (have a picture)
wein22.jpg - Dottie: 'Stage Hand!'
wein23.jpg - Stage Hand brings out a pic of Melissa as Clarissa
wein24.jpg - Melissa: 'I don't have a pen.'
wein25.jpg - Dottie: 'We do!'
wein26.jpg - Dottie: 'Stage Hand!' (Melissa looks at camera)
wein27.jpg - Melissa takes the pen...
wein28.jpg - but can't control her hands; the pen goes flying
wein29.jpg - she looks at it...
wein30.jpg - then up at Dottie
wein31.jpg - Melissa: 'Stage Hand!'
wein32.jpg - a different Stage Hand comes out and reaches for the pen
wein33.jpg - she can't reach it, so she tries to get it with her foot
wein34.jpg - they give up on the pen and 'get serious' again
wein35.jpg - Dottie asks Melissa to explain the Big Bang
wein36.jpg - Melissa obliges (camera zooms in on her)
wein37.jpg - as above
wein38.jpg - as above
wein39.jpg - as above
wein40.jpg - as above
wein41.jpg - as above (I need to check what she's saying here...)
wein42.jpg - Dottie is impressed with her explanation. (shot of the 2)
wein43.jpg - as above
wein44.jpg - Melissa looks pleased with herself
wein45.jpg - she smiles at Dottie...
wein46.jpg - and laughs
wein47.jpg - she says goodbye
wein48.jpg - Dottie and Joe O'Connor
wein49.jpg - they laugh
wein50.jpg - they talk
wein51.jpg - Joe takes a sip from his cup
wein52.jpg - he does spit-take when Dottie says, 'Then she came in.' (?)
wein53.jpg - they laugh
wein54.jpg - Joe: 'I just can't tell you how much fun I'm having!'
wein55.jpg - they laugh
wein56.jpg - he says goodbye
wein57.jpg - Sean O'Neal is seen in a video clip doing some sorta rap
wein58.jpg - Jason Zimbler in video clip talking to Dottie
wein59.jpg - he does a 'thumbs-up' gesture