c114a - opening scene
Clarissa sets up the episod, tells of love on the horizon

c114b - possibilities
Clarissa explains why Flip is the best choice for her crush, Sam comes up and she talks about Flip with him

c114c - dinner
Clarissa is distracted by Flip's weather forecast during dinner she explains the importance of weather in all of our lives

c114d - school wrap up
Clarissa gives a blow by blow of her obsessive behavior on account of Flip

c114e - Jr. Meteorology Society
Clarissa and Sam discuss the plans of their new club. They also examine the possibilities of life with a weather bimbo

c114f - Clarissa explains Flip
Clarissa shows us a video of Flip

c114g - family plans
The Darlings planb their trip to the mountain. Clarissa tells her mom she can't go and learns about crushes

c114h - 4:20 am
Clarissa wakes everyone up at 4:20am to tell them it is going to snow

c114i - morning after
The sleep deprived Darlings have trouble at breakfast, Flip calls Clarissa

c114j - crush crash
Clarissa and Sam go to the TV station to meet Flip, and find out he is a airhead

c114k - sports?
Darlings watch TV, Clarissa gets interested in a sports caster