c116a - opening scene
Clarissa sets up episode (Sam added to the Darling family).

c116b - millions
Sam and Clarissa brainstorm ideas for class, Sam tells of his horrible babysitting fate.

c116c - ask ma and pa
Clarissa asks Marshal and Janet if Sam can stay.

c116d - Sam through the door
Sam arrives at the Darling home through the front door.

c116e - family dinner
Darling faimly dinner plus Sam.

c116f - Sam's little problem
Sam can't say not to Marshall and Janet.

c116g - buddy snatchers
Clarissa frets about her parents stealing Sam.

c116h - Ferguson plants a seed
Ferguson helps Clarissa see Sam's presense as a threat to her.

c116i - Sam...Darling?
Clarissa fantisizes that her and Sam will switch places.

c116j - resolution
Sam and Clarissa confront the problem and solve it much to Ferguson's dismay.

c116k - wrapup
typical CEIA wrap up