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openo01.jpg - Clarissa gets out of bed and stretches
openo02.jpg - in ants PJs
openo03.jpg - Ferguson shows up
openo04.jpg - Clarissa and Janet hug
openo05.jpg - Janet presents a ballet outfit
openo06.jpg - Clarissa in ballet outfit
openo07.jpg - Clarissa in leather jacket, arms spread
openo08.jpg - in leather jacket, sitting on floor
openo09.jpg - in leather jacket, on floor, hand in hair
openo10.jpg - in leather jacket, standing, hand in hair
openo11.jpg - in leather jacket, standing, weird pose
openo12.jpg - in leather jacket, standing, finger on chin
openo13.jpg - in basketball uniform
openo14.jpg - in typical Clarissa-outfit
openo15.jpg - CEIA logo
openo16.jpg - CEIA logo over curtsying Clarissa