s002a - opening
scene before credits. Sabrina says magic is hard. She pulls a rabbit out of a hat.

s002b - opening credits
clueless outfit from opening credits

s002c - morning
morning scene (salem diary)

s002d - home ec napkin
Libby spreading rumors. bishop napkin - plan pizza 3 way

s002e - hallway
Libby says "freak ... double freak" Sabrina gets idea of making Libby tell the truth

s002f - bedroom truth
Sabrina looks up truth sprinkels in the big book

s002g - no baking
gets jiffy truth sprinkles after finding out about cupboard introduces lisa (louisa may alcott?) wall picture

s002h - home ec bundt
they make bundts Sabrina gives Libby truth sprinkles. the home ec teacher puts sprinkles on all the bundts

s002i - bundt epidemic
Sabrina runs to find the sprinkles, but the bundt and sprinkles have already gone everywhere

s002j - virgins?
sabrina runs into Harvey who wants to know why she is not coming on pizza outing

s002k - potroast
Hilda gets potroast, Sabrina comes home saying "high school is not place for the truth"

s002l - rabbits and ribbons
Sabrina practicing stupid tricks, eats fake sprinkles and decides to go to the pizza place

s002m - Sabrina enters
Sabrina enters the pizza joint and talks to Jenny

s002n - foozball
Sabrina and Harvey play foozball. Sabrina tells Harvey of her admiration of his sideburns, and that his breath smells

s002o - home again
Sabrina gets home from pizza place, finds out sprinkles she ate were not truth sprinkles. NOTE: she enters through a different door than usual.

s002p - school, the day after
Libby makes up with friends, Sabrina, Jenny, and Harvey plan lunch

s002q - end credit scene
Sabrina puts rabbits back in the hat while credits role