s003a - opening scene
Sabrina comes to school in the same outfit as Libby, she goes into the bathroom and conjures up a new ensamble, but ends up matching Jenny.

s003b - opening credits
Sabrina is in jeans, plaid shirt, construction hat with a shovel: "Now I'm ready to clean my closet"

s003c - good deeds
Salem has to go to community service while Sabrina voes to help 3 people with her magic

s003d - deed one
Sabrina changes election results to Jenny wins

s003e - deed two
Sabrina injures the hand of the starting running back so Harvey can start

s003f - deed three
Sabrina gives knowledge of lead to gold to Mr. Poole

s003g - violin lessons
Sabrina gets home from school, Hilda is giving violin lesson

s003h - rewards
Sabrina's deeds seem to have good results

s003i - at home again
Sabrina gets home and tells Hilda of her exploits

s003j - deed two goes down
Harvey gets injured in football

s003k - lunch
lunch the next school day

s003l - deed one goes down
Jenny finds out that being President sucks, and she drowns her sorrows in Root Beer

s003m - message from Drel
Sabrina heeds the call of the toaster

s003n - visit with Drel
Sabrina gets scolded for playing with physics, has 16 hours to make it right

s003o - Sabrina reverses deed three
Sabrina removes knowledge of lead to gold

s003p - resolves the three deeds
Sabrina chats with her poor mortal toys