s004a - opening scene
Hilda and Zelda doing a jigsaw puzzle. Sabrina comes home from school

s004b - opening credits
Sabrina in chicken costume "I have to get better at this magic"

s004c - rollerblahes
Sabrina wants to make roller blades, learns that witches are not allowed to make brand name stuff

s004d - babysitting setup
Sabrina gets a babysitting job

s004e - test assigned
Sabrina gets biotest assigned. Harvey asks Sabrina to study with.

s004f - leaves for date
Sabrina leaves for babysitting

s004g - instructions for baby
Sabrina get instructions for baby from neurotic mother

s004h - Harvey enters
Harvey enters, He and Sabrina start studying

s004i - popsi?!?
Sabrina conjures up some generic products for snacks

s004j - big baby
Sabrina turns the baby into Frank from MST3K

s004k - Mr. Kazooti get dressed
Sabrina gets the baby dressed for a night on the town

s004l - Mr. Kazooti in the house
Sabrina takes him home for Salem's advice (note that faraway shot of the house has lights on in the wrong places)

s004m - My dad, Mr. Kazooti
Sabrina introduces lowlander Frank to Mr. Pool

s004n - Mr. Kazooti goes to bed
Sabrina puts Mr. Kazooti in bed

s004o - Men and Puzzles
Sabrina gets a man to look at, then sends him down to work on jigsaw puzzles with Hilda, Zelda, and Randy Travis