s005a - opening scene
Hilda wants to keep her medival kitchenware, Sabrina thinks its a ploy to make her clean her room

s005b - opening credits
'be cool daddy O' Sabrina in all black

s005c - Mandible and Maxilla
Sabrina is tempted to join the science club, Harvey plays dumb, Jenny goes out of character and discourages Sabrina from going outside the norm

s005d - more tatortots
lunch, Harvey and Jenny talk about stereotypical highschool social system

s005e - geek in freaks clothing
Sabrina goes to science club, Libby finds out Sabrina

s005f - sabrina whines
typical STTW scene: Sabrina comes home and whines to her aunts they solve a problem together to keep the plot together for the next 15 minutes

s005g - Libby's a geek
Sabrina turns Libby into a geek

s005h - Sabrina comforts Libby
Sabrina goes to attempt to talk and gloat

s005i - the science club coup
Libby takes over the science club and kicks Sabrina out

s005j - beef pounding(did not think about this name till now, get over it boys)
Sabrina comes home and whines about her problems to Hilda

s005k - Geeks take to the streets
Libby disses the cheerleaders; Sabrina ungeeks her, and then geeks a lot of kids to get Libby back in line

s005l - everything back to normal (or 'was that what it was' -PSB)
conclusion, everyone learns their little lesson

s005m - ending credits
Hilda fires her cannon at a small child