s006a - opening scene
Sabrina debuts her SJR costume, her aunts make her into SJR

s006b - opening credits
'Do you think this makes my butt look big?' Sabrina asks as she wears a Vistorian(?) style dress

s006c - invatation
Harvey invites Sabrina to a Halloween party

s006d - I don't wanna
Sabrina pouts and whines about having to go to the big family Halloween party

s006e - double time
Sabrina makes her double

s006f - double gets to the party
Sabrina brings her double to Harvey's party

s006g - going to a party
Hilda tries to pull a fast one sending her doulbe to the family party

s006h - family party 1
Sabrina and her aunts get to the party. Features a couple of shots of Emily Hart as a bratty cousin

s006i - Harvey party 1
Harvey refills pretzels

s006j - family party 2
Sabrina gets put in a jar

s006k - Harvey party 2
Sabrina agrees to streak

s006l - Harvey party 3
Harvey tells Sabrina not to streak

s006m - family party 3
gift giving, Sabrina gets a reanimation certificate

s006n - reanimation conversation 1
send fo' granny

s006o - reanimation conversation 2
Sabrina tells her grandmother she is a witch

s006p - family party final
Sabrina and her aunts go home, Sabrina gets reminded she left the double at Harvey's party

s006q - Harvey party rapup
Sabrina's double streaks, SAbrina convinces everyone it was Libby

s006r - The true meaning of Halloween(ending credits)
Sabrina explains the true meaning of Halloween to the camera