s007a - opening scene
Sabrina gets a call from Harvey about homework

s007b - opening credits
'I want *you* to vote on Tuesday,' Sabrina in a red, white, and blue hotpants. On the reruning of this episode I beleive they changed the opening.

s007c - all things are odd
Sabrina isset up by Jenny to be asked to the dance by Harvey, but it backfires and Harvey ends up going with Libby because he did not heed Nancy Regans advice.

s007d - that privacy thing
Sabrina tells aunts about her frustration with Harvey's dance date with Libby

s007e - 'Man done!'
Hilda and Zelda make brian Austen Green into Sabrina's half-backed date

s007f - the cafeteria
Sabrina in a dress borrowed from cluelss gets to dance and drinks the red punch

s007g - 'charming'
Sabrina talks to Harvey about dancing

s007h - dancing with myself OR basoons are sexy
Harvey dances with himself, Harvey dances with Sabrina after she freezes him (ala EB on that awful show we all used to watch after school hwen we were 14) and professes her crush on Harvey.