s008a - opening scene
Sabrina wants a naval ring

s008b - opening credits
Sabrina in forest camouflage 'It's camouflage, I'm over here'

s008c - third aunt
Racqel Welch gets rid of Mr. Pool and teaches science

s008d - Ifle tower cafe
low budget Sabrina and her aunt take a little trip to a studio with a big picture of the aforementioned and misspelled tower.

s008e - home again
Sabrina gets back from European shopping trip

s008f - on my way
Sabrina gets to go to the pleasure dome for the weekend

s008g - welcome to the pleasure dome
Sabrina arrives at the pleasure dome. She changes into the clueless outfit from episode 002

s008h - Kickin' it at the pleasure dome
Sabrina decides to stay at the pleasure dome forever

s008i - green bathing suit
Sabrina remembers mortals

s008j - music video
Sabrina makes a video, gets annoyed, and leaves from home

s008k - can't and don't
Sabrina loves limits