l009c - fooz and liz
a couple of pictures (at Tom's request) of Elizabeth Hart from the scene

l009l - everybody's Kung Fu fighting
pictures of Elizabeth Hart from the scene(She plays Emma, a student at the school, who has been on 2? episodes this season, but this was her onyl speaking one)

s009a - opening scene
Salem makes a prank call to SAbrina acting as if he was Harvey

s009b - opening credits
Sabrina in diving suit, she sees a shark and screams

s009c - fooz and liz
Elizabeth Hart is the brown haired girl, Sabrina plays fooz with Harvey. Libby's form distract Harvey.

s009d - Zelda and Sabrina
Zelda and Sabrina talk about getting Harvey to notice Sabrina

s009e - Magician Assistant
Sabrina tries out and gets magician assistant job

s009f - Laundry Room
Sabrina prictices magic with Joel in his laundry room

s009g - lunch
Lunch with Sabrina, Libby, and Harvey

s009h - outfit debut
Sabrina models her assistant outfit for her aunts

s009i - magic show
the magic show

s009j - magic show part 2
more of the magic show from after a commercial break and the aftermath

s009k - aftermath magic
more aftermath starting from the phone call to Hilda

s009l - everybody's Kung Fu fighting
Sabrina tries to kick and punch her way back to mental health

s009m - reapearance of Magic Joel
Harvey asks Sabrina on a date; Sabrina gets Joel to be visible