s010a - opening scene
Sabrina explores the world of Badminton and injures Harvey

s010b - opening credits
'Feeling Groovy, far out'

s010c - calcium and Kung fu
Sabrina shows that she listens in science, and Harvey gets Sabrina to join Kung Fu for gym

s010d - home
Sabrina gets home from school, mostly a scene for the intro of Hilsa's 1st chair violin struggle

s010e - gym
Sabrina gets intoduced to Kung Fu by Mr. Pool (Paul Feig does study martial arts), and uses her magic to kick Mr. Pool's ass

s010f - natural gifts
Sabrina's aunts question her Kung Fu ability

s010g - dead wrong
Sabrina's aunts try to make her a moral witch

s010h - tornament
Sabrina wins the regional tournament, kicking that Mortal Kombat guy's ass

s010i - bedtime
Sabrina loves her new trophy

s010j - cheater cheater!
Sabrina's trophy gets pissed

s010k - back in school
Sabrina gets praised at school for her awesome ability

s010l - chill
Sabrina lets the trophy back out of the freezer

s010m - rematch
Sabrina challenfes Tai Twai Kei to a rematch

s010n - the karate kid
An awesome scene showing how cool this shows sense of humor can be

s010o - final showdown
Sabrina and Tai Twai Kei fight without Sabrina using magic. Melissa does some impressive stunts in this scene.

s010p - right
Sabrina's moral compass turns to right

s010q - ending credits
Sabrina gets a little 'best niece' trophy from her aunts, and got a gold medal from a questionable source