s011a - opening credits
Melissa in a cowboy outfit, 'Smile when you say that partner'

s011b - my sweater
Sabrin's favorite Christmas sweater is ruined by Salem

s011c - slicery
Sabrina almost kisses Harvey in the Slicery

s011d - kicked out
Salem gets Sabrina kicked out of the slicery

s011e - I hate Contortionists
Sabrina comes home to find another wacky relative

s011f - Coolio's Shtick
Coolio helps, then Sabrina and aunts go door to door looking for Salem

s011g - The lisp kid found
Sabrina finds the house, shot of Joe Conner, a plan is hatched and Sabrina goes in a Santa suit

s011h - Salem, back home
Salem comes home via the closet. (I love the Santa hat)

s011i - ending credits
The cat plays with paper, the cat looks pissed