s012a - opening scene
Mexican festival to beat midwinter blues is put on by Hilda and Zelda

s012b - opening credits
Sabrina in riding clothes, 'We will be back in,' scratch, scratch, 'minutes'

s012c - 'I'm only trying to learn'
Sabrina gets on the bad side of an annoying math teacher

s012d - 'x=y me'
Sabrina comes home from school angry about math

s012e - studying with harvey
Sabrina studies in the library with Harvey, and stresses about math

s012f - math test
Sabrina fails her math test(some faces she makes remind me of Calvin)

s012g - revenge
Sabrina and aunts cast revenge spells on the math teacher

s012h - court set up
setup for court scene, the three witches get their judge and school scene in math where the teacher gets a ticket

s012i - court
the math teacher gets sentenced to life as a math teacher

s012j - after mathin the library
episode rap up

s012k - ending credits
mourning Salem gets a huge ball of yarn, included the new Finishing the Hat production logo