s014a - opening scene
dumb yoga skit

s014b - opening credits
pearl spitting Melissa

s014c - morning
Sabrina finds a huge wart on her forehead caused by stress

s014d - Harvey's monkey
Sabrina's day gets worse as Harvey becomes too attached to a monkey

s014e - goodbye school
Sabrina looses it and turns Libby into a goat, and leaves school a little early

s014f - through the looking glass
Sabrina goes into the reverse world

s014g - stuck
Sabrina can't get back to the normal world, baseball player guides her

s014h - reverse home
Sabrina sees the unhappiness of the members of the reverse world

s014i - fixes personal wrongs
Sabrina goes to school and rights her wrongs

s014j - fixes school
Sabrina gets the school into a good mood

s014k - home again
Sabrina gets back to the normal world

s014l - ending credits
Sabrina checks her own butt out in the mirror