s019a - opening scene
Sabrina and her aunts have a awful time getting a jar open.

s019b - opening credits
"Free electrons, while they last," says lab coat clad Melissa.

s019c - off to school
Sabrina chats with dad while getting ready for school, then grabs some toast and runs for school.

s019d - school
Sabrina asks Harvey to come with her to the ice show with her dad.

s019e - dad arives
Sabrina's father arives, and brings her a instant camera.

s019f - dinner and the unwanted guest
The family sits down for a traditional meal, and pa's girlfriend shows up

s019g - icecream madness!
Sabrina is mean to that annoying pa's girlfriend. Can Melissa really still pull off the annoying snotty dejected 16 year old? You decide.

s019h - talk with pa
Sabrina and her dad talk about what a little bitch she has been being towards pa's girlfriend.

s019i - did I do that?
Sabrina acts nice to pa's girlfriend, but then breaks them up by poping the marraige question

s019j - Harvey!
Harvey arrives and they leave for the ice show.

s019k - odd man out
pa feels all alone without his girlfriend, and with his daugther playing couple with Harvey

s019l - home again
chanson's uses a scene name he has used over and over again, and Sabrina's aunts tell her to fix what she broke.

s019m - suck!
Sabrina uses big vacum tubes to fly around her book, and then talks to pa's gal.

s019n - mommy!
Sabrina gets her dad back to happy, but she wishes she could see mummy!

s019o - bsr
Sabrina's mom is looking fine in South America looking at random rocks!

s019p - ending credits
Parlor games with witches?