s020a - Opening Scene
Sabrina forgets a book, and a sneeze sends it to the desert.

s020b - Opening Credits
Too much red! I hate NTSC's handling of the color red!

s020c - lunch and money
Sabrina and Harvey have lunch and are reminded by their lack of funds by an expensive school trip.

s020d - credit!
Salem maxes out his credit card and the no money plot keeps rolling!

s020e - job market for an american shorthair?
Sabrina and Salem look for a job in the paper.

s020f - arriving at the cat show
Sabrina and Salem show up and meet the wacky characters at the cat show.

s020g - Salem gets judged
Our hero gets judged as one of the top three shorthairs. Man thats on good lookin' cat.

s020h - 2+2 is 4
Our favorite cat starts doing math on an oversized phone pad photocopy!

s020i - cuter cat
Well our magnificent cat is suprised to find the contest is rigged. Sabrina finds out why, and has to turn into a cat to do it.

s020j - Aunts arrive
Sabrina's aunts arrive and Sabrina gets let out of her cage and turned back into her sexy Melissa Joan Hart self.

s020k - Magic Magic!
Sabrina's aunts help her find out who took the incriminating picture

s020l - Nancy Spellman
Our resident super sluth fails to turn up the perpitrator.

s020m - Hair club for men
Crazy stuff is a foot as this surrealistic cat show begins to boogy.

s020n - Winners and losers!
Sabrina consoles out magnificent hero.

s020s - Salem
This is a collection of pictures of Salem, the cat on Sabrina.