s021a - opening scene
Sabrina wants to update Salem's look, but ends up making him hairless.

s021b - opening credits
'It's my hat and my lunch.' Melissa is wearing a skimpy outfit with a hat made of fruit.

s021c - fish hendge
Sabrina gets the monotonous nature of life beaten into her by the public school system.

s021d - life sucks
Sabrina gets home and Zelda's theories nor Salem's hobbies can awaken any interest. Hilda however gives Sabrina a can of worms.

s021e - daytime tv
The spell begins its affects on Sabrina's dull life.

s021f - flu shot
Mr. Pool and the burse are interupted by Sabrina in pursuit of her flu shot.

s021g - 12.36pm
Harvey asks Sabrina to go steady with him and gives her a bracelet with the time whent they first spokje engraved on it.

s021h - libby steps in
Libby plants the ring she stole from Mr. Pool on Sabrina. Libby gets stung; Harvey gets crushed by a ladder, and Libby gets Harvey

s021i - going downtown
The ring gets found in Sabrina's stuff and she gets taken in.

s021j - interigation
Sabrina gets questioned by police about the ring

s021k - break down baby
Sabrina and aunts look for the bracelets; Sabrina and Libby fight, and Sabrina gets Harvey back.

s021l - retro
Sabrina and aunts look back on the excitment

s021m - closing credits
Sabrina and Salem watch lint fly through the air.