s040a - opening scene
Intro of the xray helmet that saves Hilda, Zelda, and Sabrina's ass later.

s040b - opening credits
'Anybody order a scotch?', and then the angel laughs.

s040c - procrastination
Harvey and Sabrina try out an assortment of asexual procrastination techniques.

s040d - Annie
The logic is far beyond this humble writer's ability, but Annie it is!

s040e - makin' beans
Sabrina makes beans the wrong way (with a 30 in 1 science kit).

s040f - bean shakin' vine makin' fun
Sabrina leaves a trash can outside! And those Zany beans grow into a vine.And then we realize that the writers were reaching since the placement of the trash can makes no sense!And then we remeber its a kids show with our sorceress in the lead and that to question is to endanger one's self.

s040g - them vines them vines
That big vine thing is now all grown and left the house. The three witches are visibly distrought.

s040h - Harvey gets sucked up!
Mine and yours favorite male character (except that first season photographer played by that dashing young man whose initials were placedin a locker with the attribute of being 'tasty'; I will not attempt to understand what 'tasty' meant since it is very muchoutside my knowledge of our star's personal life) eats some beans which makes him get 'sucked' up the vine.

s040i - periscope, ymca
Bad jokes about the plausibility of the periscope. Self-paradody can be so charming, but it comes up WAY short in this scene.

s040j - captured!
The wicked witch (who's sourness can be well understood after placing her 'career' beside Kirstie Alley's) captures Harvey.

s040k - escape!
Sabrina springs Harvey from the witches grasp

s040l - aftermath

s040m - ending credits
Look Salem ate lots of fat sprinkles!