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clnow01.jpg - Clarissa talks to us on the subway...
clnow02.jpg - 'I'm on the New York City subway!'
clnow03.jpg - 'Hello, are you mental?'
clnow04.jpg - 'Don't want to miss my stop.'
clnow05.jpg - Clarissa: 'Or I could just look out the window.'
clnow06.jpg - 'The coolest, most exciting people in the world!' (?)
clnow07.jpg - Clarissa listens to announcement after subway stops
clnow08.jpg - the lights go out -- she smiles
clnow09.jpg - 'This is so cool!'
clnow10.jpg - opening titles: Clarissa
clnow11.jpg - credit: 'Melissa Joan Hart'
clnow12.jpg - credit: 'Robert Klein'
clnow13.jpg - credit: 'Lisa Gay Hamilton'
clnow14.jpg - credit: 'Chris Coburn'
clnow15.jpg - credit: 'with Marian Seldes'
clnow16.jpg - Clarissa laughing at end of opening credits
clnow17.jpg - Clarissa getting instructions from Spencer
clnow18.jpg - after Porter makes a joke about her name
clnow19.jpg - Clarissa to Spencer: 'And you are...?'
clnow20.jpg - she returns his keys (I love that!)
clnow21.jpg - Clarissa listens to Porter describe Hugh
clnow22.jpg - as above
clnow23.jpg - great shot of Clarissa smiling at fellow worker
clnow24.jpg - another great shot -- Clarissa looks at camera
clnow25.jpg - 'I have this dear, sweet Aunt Violet and I just...'
clnow26.jpg - '...think of what she says when things don't go her way.'
clnow27.jpg - 'This bites!'
clnow28.jpg - 'For a second there I thought you were my Aunt Violet.'
clnow29.jpg - Clarissa meets Lillian
clnow30.jpg - Lillian apologizes for the under-stocked supply closet
clnow31.jpg - Clarissa finds out she's been talking to the publisher
clnow32.jpg - '...someone who's not a total suck-up.' (Lil looks at Cl)
clnow33.jpg - Clarissa talks to Lillian
clnow34.jpg - as above -- she's smiling now
clnow35.jpg - 'And Porter's already explained to me, you know...'
clnow36.jpg - '...that he's one cheeseburger short of a happy meal!'
clnow37.jpg - Lillian tries to get Hugh out of his office
clnow38.jpg - the beast emerges
clnow39.jpg - Lillian stuns him
clnow40.jpg - Clarissa jumps in...
clnow41.jpg - ...and tries to shake his hand
clnow42.jpg - Hugh is wary
clnow43.jpg - Clarissa talks about reading his stuff in social studies
clnow44.jpg - Hugh tells her to get lost & slams the door in her face
clnow45.jpg - Clarissa to Spencer: 'You don't think I can do it!'
clnow46.jpg - Clarissa enters Hugh's darkened office
clnow47.jpg - '...only three reasons anyone's allowed in this office.'
clnow48.jpg - Hugh backs away from Clarissa
clnow49.jpg - Clarissa: 'You have to fight for what you believe in.'
clnow50.jpg - Clarissa smiles at Hugh
clnow51.jpg - she talks to Hugh, almost looking at camera
clnow52.jpg - she reacts to Hugh (I don't remember what he's saying)
clnow53.jpg - Clarissa brings in Exhibit A: hotdog street-vendor
clnow54.jpg - Clarissa looks up at Hugh...
clnow55.jpg - ...then to vendor guy
clnow56.jpg - Exhibit B: actress
clnow57.jpg - Exhibit C: Murray, the roast
clnow58.jpg - 'You mean you already wrote about Murray?'
clnow59.jpg - Hugh repeats Clarissa's 'I was just trying to help.'
clnow60.jpg - Clarissa speaks up: 'What was it? Was I too eager? ...'
clnow61.jpg - Clarissa leaves in huff after Hugh says 'get lost' again
clnow62.jpg - she returns: 'You know, when they told me I would be...'
clnow63.jpg - Hugh can't believe she keeps coming back
clnow64.jpg - 'I thought anyone who wrote like you had to be great.' (?)
clnow65.jpg - 'But you know what? You're not!'
clnow66.jpg - 'You're rude and mean...' (??)
clnow67.jpg - 'Are you Hugh's assistant?' 'Yes.' (shot of Clarissa)
clnow68.jpg - 'I mean, no!'
clnow69.jpg - 'I have one word of advice for her...' (Cl reads H's col)
clnow70.jpg - 'Move.' (as above)
clnow71.jpg - Clarissa responds to Lillian's 'And you...'
clnow72.jpg - Spencer to Porter: 'Am I too young to have an ulcer?'
clnow73.jpg - Lillian bluffs Hugh out of his office
clnow74.jpg - Clarissa looks at Hugh
clnow75.jpg - Clarissa in Hugh's office: 'I hardly think some...'
clnow76.jpg - '...naive freak of nature should tell you what to write.'
clnow77.jpg - 'I don't want to be your assistant if you don't want me.'
clnow78.jpg - Clarissa reacts to Hugh's 'I guess you would be my asst.'
clnow79.jpg - as above
clnow80.jpg - Hugh: 'What?? What?? I didn't say it!'
clnow81.jpg - Clarissa: 'Okay.'
clnow82.jpg - Hugh: 'You're really pushing it, kid.'
clnow83.jpg - Clarissa leaves, thinking about what just happened
clnow84.jpg - as above -- she smiles
clnow85.jpg - Clarissa to Spencer: 'Yes.' [she'll be staying]
clnow86.jpg - 'Sorry.'
clnow87.jpg - Spencer: 'You look like a real pushover but you're not.'
clnow88.jpg - Cl: 'Remember, every time you look at that computer...'
clnow89.jpg - 'You owe me!'
clnow90.jpg - as above
clnow91.jpg - Clarissa: 'Yep, this is so cool!'
clnow92.jpg - she pushes carriage-return lever on typewriter...
clnow93.jpg - it goes flying...
clnow94.jpg - she reacts