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wves01.jpg - Weinerville Election Special title
wves02.jpg - Melissa Joan Hart at Boney campaign headquarters
wves03.jpg - as above
wves04.jpg - as above
wves05.jpg - as above
wves06.jpg - as above
wves07.jpg - as above -- Melissa asks Loveable Zip about strategy
wves08.jpg - she smiles at camera thru smoke after something blows up
wves09.jpg - Melissa in another on-the-scene update
wves10.jpg - Magnate is popular as Michael Jordan, basketball player
wves11.jpg - Boney is popular as Michael Jordan, baseball player
wves12.jpg - Magnate calls 'Knuckles' (Joe O'Connor) over
wves13.jpg - after popping his knuckles (above), he pops his nose
wves14.jpg - as above
wves15.jpg - about to pop his neck -- Magnate pulls him down
wves16.jpg - tells him to find most evil (?) person to handle Boney
wves17.jpg - Knuckles: it's election time, all evil people are booked
wves18.jpg - Magnate: that leaves us -- they share a good laugh
wves19.jpg - Magnate coughs; Knuckles & Stupid Eddie slap him on back
wves20.jpg - Knuckles knocks him onto the floor
wves21.jpg - Knuckles: 'Ahw...' (New York accent)
wves22.jpg - Nickelodeon President Geraldine (sp??) Laybourne has no comment
wves23.jpg - Melissa at Boneygate hearings
wves24.jpg - as above
wves25.jpg - as above
wves26.jpg - as above
wves27.jpg - as above (smiling)
wves28.jpg - Melissa asks Boney if everything's normal in his camp
wves29.jpg - as above
wves30.jpg - as above
wves31.jpg - as above
wves32.jpg - Boney says everthing's 'Normal, normal, NORMAL!!'
wves33.jpg - as above (Melissa reacts)
wves34.jpg - MJH: 'I predict that this will be a very close debate!'
wves35.jpg - as above
wves36.jpg - as above
wves37.jpg - as above (Melissa with cute smile)
wves38.jpg - Magnate unveils evil plan; Knuckles makes a suggestion
wves39.jpg - Knuckles kowtowing: 'Bad idea!' (close-up, Joe)
wves40.jpg - Knuckles & Stupid Eddie watch Boney's campaign manager
wves41.jpg - Knuckles goofs off to pass the time
wves42.jpg - as above
wves43.jpg - as above -- they laugh
wves44.jpg - they're surprised by rescuers from Boney's camp
wves45.jpg - Knuckles: 'I've just been hit by a large meatball!'
wves46.jpg - Knuckles encounters growling dog
wves47.jpg - outside, Knuckles stops...
wves48.jpg - and removes his sunglasses
wves49.jpg - he's hit by super-lugey (sp?) from baseball coach (???)
wves50.jpg - he reacts
wves51.jpg - Melissa reports that all is well again in Boney camp
wves52.jpg - as above
wves53.jpg - as above
wves54.jpg - as above (smiling)
wves55.jpg - credits: 'Melissa Joan Hart as herself'
wves56.jpg - Melissa appears as credits roll
wves57.jpg - as above
wves58.jpg - as above
wves59.jpg - as above -- Boney kisses her
wves60.jpg - she reacts
wves61.jpg - as above
wves62.jpg - Knuckles shovels trash onto Magnate (credits rolling)
wves63.jpg - Knuckles reacts