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chrs01.jpg - opening titles: Christmas Snow
chrs02.jpg - Amy shows up early in the opening scene
chrs03.jpg - Amy glares at Wallace (then throws the football)
chrs04.jpg - Amy: 'Sorry, Mr. Snyder!' (after football hits him)
chrs05.jpg - as above
chrs06.jpg - back in the store, Amy turns to look at her mom (Gertie)
chrs07.jpg - Amy looking up at Gertie (close-up)
chrs08.jpg - Gertie hugs Amy
chrs09.jpg - Amy reacts when Gertie predicts it will snow (close-up)
chrs10.jpg - Amy: 'Snow, Ma?!'
chrs11.jpg - close-up of Gertie as she hugs Amy
chrs12.jpg - Amy smiling at Gertie (close-up)
chrs13.jpg - Mr. Snyder: 'I chipped a tooth on one of those dealies.'
chrs14.jpg - Mr. Snyder tells Gertie (in background) about his plans
chrs15.jpg - Amy: 'She's my mom, too!' (Wallace and Gertie, also)
chrs16.jpg - Gertie hugs Amy as Wallace looks on
chrs17.jpg - close-up of Gertie talking about dead husband, Martin
chrs18.jpg - Amy drinks milk as she listens
chrs19.jpg - Amy takes a bite of dinner
chrs20.jpg - as above
chrs21.jpg - close-up of Wallace: 'Deliveries... yuck!'
chrs22.jpg - that night, Wallace tells Amy story of Felicia Melicia
chrs23.jpg - Amy in bed, getting scared
chrs24.jpg - Wallace's hand comes around the curtain separating beds
chrs25.jpg - Amy hears sounds from upstairs...
chrs26.jpg - And hides under the covers
chrs27.jpg - Amy nervously eyes the ceiling
chrs28.jpg - Amy: 'Wallace, are you asleep?'
chrs29.jpg - Amy and Wallace talk
chrs30.jpg - close-up of Amy
chrs31.jpg - as above
chrs32.jpg - Wallace: 'What if someone did come looking for you...?'
chrs33.jpg - Amy: 'I don't think so.' (would she just leave?)
chrs34.jpg - Amy looks down
chrs35.jpg - the next morning, Wallace and Amy wake up
chrs36.jpg - Wallace sees that it's snowed
chrs37.jpg - Wallace, Gertie, and Amy celebrate the snow
chrs38.jpg - Wallace and Amy smiling
chrs39.jpg - Amy: 'Can we, Ma??' (go sledding on cookie sheets)
chrs40.jpg - Amy goes sledding on a cookie sheet (?)
chrs41.jpg - Mr. Snyder plays chess with Harry, the bartender
chrs42.jpg - Gertie, Amy, and Wallace
chrs43.jpg - Wallace (can't remember what he's saying)
chrs44.jpg - Wallace, Amy, and Gertie talk about Mr. Snyder (missing)
chrs45.jpg - Amy suggests tracking his footprints in the snow
chrs46.jpg - Gertie says that's a good idea (shot of Amy, as above)
chrs47.jpg - Amy, looking for Mr. Snyder, stops in her tracks
chrs48.jpg - follows Mr. Snyder's footprints through the cemetary
chrs49.jpg - Amy: 'Mr. Snyder?' (close-up)
chrs50.jpg - Amy: 'MR. SNYDER, WHERE ARE YOU?' (close-up)
chrs51.jpg - Amy continues following tracks (real close-up)
chrs52.jpg - Amy hears noises and gets scared
chrs53.jpg - she runs away
chrs54.jpg - that night, Amy talks with Wallace (shot of Amy in bed)
chrs55.jpg - Gertie hugs Wallace
chrs56.jpg - Gertie hugs pillow, thinking of Martin
chrs57.jpg - Christmas morning, Amy sees 'birthday' cake (Gertie watches)
chrs58.jpg - Amy tastes the icing as Wallace sneaks up (as above)
chrs59.jpg - Amy hugs Wallace's gift: a baseball glove (as above)
chrs60.jpg - Amy looks up at Gertie...
chrs61.jpg - and over at Wallace as Gertie talks about Mr. Snyder
chrs62.jpg - Amy trying to 'sympathize' with Mr. Snyder
chrs63.jpg - Amy: 'But I don't want to!'
chrs64.jpg - Amy looks at Wallace
chrs65.jpg - Amy says she did hear a ghost in the cemetary
chrs66.jpg - Amy tells Wallace there is a hill in the cemetary
chrs67.jpg - out looking for Mr. Snyder again, Wallace finds the hill
chrs68.jpg - Mr. Snyder in a freshly-dug grave
chrs69.jpg - Wallace, Gertie and Amy look down at him
chrs70.jpg - Amy, after Mr. Snyder says no one heard him yelling
chrs71.jpg - the whole gang after they pull Mr. Snyder out
chrs72.jpg - Mr. Snyder celebrates life
chrs73.jpg - Gertie and Amy after he says they won't have to move
chrs74.jpg - Wallace smiling at Mr. Snyder
chrs75.jpg - it starts to snow as they walk back home
chrsfour.gif - four of my favorites