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All of the web-pages which constitute the ``Donald Lancon, Jr.'' homepage (``this site'') are Copyright 2003 by Donald Lancon, Jr. (``dcljr'').

Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the information at this site provided that:

None of the information at this site may be redistributed for financial gain without express permission from the author.

Permission is granted to commercial on-line service providers to link to and cache pages from this site provided that the information is not modified in any way from its original form.

[Thanks to Terry Carroll and his Copyright FAQ.]


All trademarks used herein are the properties of their respective owners.

Unless otherwise noted, the presentation of the information at this site -- i.e., wording and formatting -- is original with me. (I have tried to always give credit to others when I have used their words. Please afford me the same courtesy.)

I've tried to keep these pages as correct as possible, however I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on any particular page, even if it appears to have been updated relatively recently. (Sometimes the ``last modified'' date merely refers to a minor ``cosmetic'' change.)

And finally...

I disclaim any responsibility for stuff you find at other sites (those outside of the ``'' domain), even if I have provided a link to them within one of my pages. If you don't like something you see at someone else's site, complain to them, not me. (Well, I guess you can complain to me, too, but don't expect me to necessarily do anything about it.) Of course, you can complain about dead links; I will try to do something about those.

Okay. Now you can go have fun!

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