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Looking for the Melissa Joan Hart stuff?


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If you can't read the image above, the address is <1@2.3>, where the first two numbers represent ``dcljr'' and ``obkb'' and the last number represents ``com''.

(I've presented it this way to try to foil spambots that harvest e-mail addresses from the web. Note that as of Mar 2004, I'm now getting over 270 messages a day that SpamAssassin is [apparently correctly] identifying as ``almost certainly spam'', so I've started just deleting such messages without looking at them. To maximize your chances of getting through, make your message plain-text only, include a meaningful subject line, and... uh... don't make it spam.)

Snail mail:

Please contact me by e-mail if you need my current snail-mail address.

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(Last updated May 2002. See the English translation. Used to be a little more interesting when I was in grad school...)

Nerdity Quotient: (v [5x3−3x]/2)




(See also Jung's personality theories, from which the MBTI was developed.)


(Note: If you're looking for the pages devoted to Melissa Joan Hart, they're over here.)

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