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Most of my pages deal with stuff I like, but this page is all about things I don't like. This is a list of things that tick me off...

About the web:

  • Web-pages with color schemes or background patterns that make the text unreadable. (Actually, when one is browsing in ``black and white'' -- as I used to have to do -- certain color schemes can cause the text to completely disappear!) For a long, long time, I avoided color schemes on my own pages, but I finally broken down and introduced color into my Melissa Joan Hart Pages. The colors have been carefully chosen, however, so I don't think there should be any problem. I'm still avoiding using background images or patterns.
  • Server-push and client-pull (unless it's something really useful).
  • Sites that send 150 cookies. (I used to have my browser ask for confirmation before setting cookies.)
  • Most implementations of frames. (As usual, there are exceptions.)
  • Most implementations of Java applets and Javascript.
  • Javascripts that screw around with Netscape's status bar. (That's where the URL is displayed when you position the pointer over a link.)
  • Useless, useless, useless embedded MIDI files (i.e., any and all of them).
  • Links that no longer work.
  • That some of the older links I have on my pages (to other web-sites, I mean) no longer work.
  • Links that unexpectedly open up a new browser window. I know how to open a new window for a link and can do it for myself if I want to.
  • Sites that make you register with a password, even though they're otherwise totally free. The only purpose of a password in such a case is to cause you to not be able to access the site when you forget it. So what's the point?
  • When large, useful sites change their URL schemes so you have to change all your bookmarks and/or links to them. (The Internet Movie Database used to do this all the time in its early web days.)
  • When large, useful sites switch to Javascript-based navigation so you can't bookmark or link to individual pages at all anymore. (A recent, quite egregious example: All Music Guide.) Note to web designers: Today's Javascript-based navigation is yesterday's frames-based navigation. It's totally screwing up the ``ease of use'' of your sites. Stop it now.
  • Pages with a lot of commercial advertising. (Unless it's at a commercial site, of course.)
  • Pop-up ads. All of them. Without exception.
  • Database-type sites (i.e., music/video sites) that don't have a search capability or don't have an easy way to link to their pages.
  • That I still haven't added a search box to each of my Melissa Joan Hart Pages (like I did on the homepage of the whole site).
  • Pages that haven't been updated since the last ice age. (Of course, there are some pages that don't need to be updated, but those are pretty rare.)
  • That most my pages haven't been updated since the last ice age.
  • Pages with too many images or too much Javascript, so they take forever to load. (Are you getting the feeling I don't like Javascript? That's not really true. I just don't like bonehead uses/implementations of it.)
  • The Mosaic web-browser. Specific reasons just too numerous to list. (This one shows you how old some of these peeves are!)
  • Those pesky little issues in Netscape 6.2 that make me not want to switch over to it completely. (I mainly use Netscape 4.79 for browsing and e-mail because of that, and the fact that Netscape 7 doesn't have a Windows 95 version. Oh, my poor, ancient computer!)
  • When I find a mistake on one of my pages.
  • When I spend all day browsing the web and updating my web-site (although the latter rarely happens anymore) instead of doing things I need to do.
  • Too much stuff! (Okay, I guess I wouldn't prefer the alternative.)

About e-mail / mailing lists / newsgroups:

  • When people quote your entire message in their response.
  • When people don't quote any of your message in their response.
  • When people don't respond at all!
  • When people don't know how to subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing lists.
  • When people don't know how to behave on mailing lists.
  • People who flame or troll for flames.
  • Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.....
  • I happen to be just fine with the length of my penis, thank you (see previous entry).

About things on TV:

  • How ``entertainment newsmagazine'' shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood refer to actors who play the title role on a TV show by the character name -- e.g., ``Ally McBeal'' instead of Calista Flockhart or ``Sabrina'' instead of Melissa Joan Hart.
  • ``Talking heads'' who can't get the singular and plural forms of certain words right (only applies to native speakers of English, of course). Look... an exceptional thing or occurrence is ``a phenomenon'' not ``a phenomena''; two or more such things are not ``phenomenons'', they're ``phenomena''. (When using the word to refer to exceptional people, it's okay to use ``phenomenons'', but that's rarely done anyway.) Television is ``a medium'' not ``a media'' (or you could say it's part of ``the media''); and the plural of ``medium'' is not ``mediums'', unless, again, you're talking about people. Finally, the word ``data'' is plural; the singular form is ``datum'' (but no one ever uses ``datum'', so I just say ``data point'' or ``data value'').
  • And speaking of English errors, ``whence'' already means ``from where'', so ``from whence'' is redundant.
  • Giving out that web address on the air? It's NOT ``backslash'' or ``reverse-slash'', it's ``forward-slash'' (or, please, just ``slash'').
  • How TV stations never, ever, ever do ``breaking news'' or ``severe weather'' reports during commercial breaks. They always time it perfectly so they finish the report just in time to go to the commercials.
  • Local TV affiliates who think a little rain is reason enough to splash a warning bug across the screen or even preempt overnight programming for endless hours of Doppler radar.
  • Oh, and speaking of TV bugs, TV bugs.

About people in general and other things:

  • People who think I'm weird for liking the TV show Clarissa Explains It All. Jeez... lighten up, people!
  • People who think I'm some kind of stalker just because I have a huge Melissa Joan Hart web-site. (E! Online actually linked a review of my web-site to an article on stalkers! They removed the link after I complained.)
  • People who drive below the speed limit.
  • That new CDs are so expensive.
  • That most people apparently are willing to pay such high CD prices that there's no incentive to sell them cheaper. (Personally, I'm averaging around $9.10 per CD.)
  • That every used CD place I've ever started patronizing regularly eventually goes under. (As a result I have to get most of my CDs nowadays from clubs.)
  • Lots of things related to the ``position of women in society'': the salary gap; underrepresentation in the highest levels of business, politics and the media; epidemic levels of violence against women; etc....
  • That I haven't done anything about it.

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