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The reviews
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This is another one of those things that I did just for my own information but then decided to put on the web because others might find it useful.

This is a partial list of Siskel & Ebert reviews from their TV show Siskel & Ebert at the Movies from 1991 to the present. Partial because I've missed a lot of episodes, either by mistake or because my local TV station(s) didn't play them. Sometimes there is a span of several months missing. Oh, well... what can you do?

Note: Their reviews (just ``up'' or ``down'') from the last 10 years are available at the official web-site for the show. In Dec 96, I stopped keeping track of their reviews.

The reviews

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You might want to check the sample table below before selecting one of the pages using tables, to see if your browser will display things properly.

Sample table with explanations

Siskel Ebert Title
+ * Kalifornia
Thumbs-up from both, but Ebert's review was especially positive
- + The Man Without a Face
Thumbs-down from Siskel; thumbs-up from Ebert.
x x Body of Evidence
Thumbs-down, way down, from both.
  pick Gun Crazy
Ebert's pick of the week.

A blank line (with horizontal rule) separates shows. (Although sometimes movies are grouped together that may not have been reviewed on the same show.)
pick Nosferatu
Pick of the week, but I didn't make a note of whose it was.

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The reviews
Sample table with explanations

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