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Newer Melissa Joan Hart Bookmarks

last six months or so of Melissa-related bookmarks, almost all gleaned from the ``clarissa'' mailing list; in chronological order (by date first bookmarked) within each month, but the months themselves are in reverse chronological order; name of person who brought each to my attention follows description; all editorial comments are my own

clarissa Info Page
homepage for the ``clarissa'' list; yes, we're still here; celebrated our 10th anniversary in Feb 2002; now running on new list software - a Melissa Joan Hart website
homepage of this site
My Web Page Dedicated to the Honor of Melissa Joan Hart
web-site of this Don F. person who seems to post most of the stuff I end up bookmarking

New MJH-related bookmarks, Jun 2004

New MJH-related bookmarks, May 2004

Dear Dan,
New York Post Online Edition: entertainment

New MJH-related bookmarks, Apr 2004

Batch High Quality Pics of Melissa

New MJH-related bookmarks, Mar 2004

Ex-Indy champ Sullivan set to drive again -
MJH in lineup for this year's Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, 17 Apr 2005, in Long Beach, CA [Don F.] - OTHERS - Astin among celebs to run at Long Beach
another site for above info [Don F.]
The Motor Sports Forum - TOYOTA PRO-CELEBRITY Preview
more about the Pro-Celeb race, including many quotes from MJH [Don F.]
WireImage: Listings
small images of MJH in training for the Pro-Celeb race (type her name into the search box to find all 1,300+ WireImage pics of MJH) [Don F.]
official press release from Long Beach Grand Prix web-site (sorry for all the redundancy, but I don't know which pages will stick around for a while) [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Feb 2004

(sorry, nothing bookmarked this month)

New MJH-related boomarks, Jan 2004

Melissa Helping Out at the La Mission During Christmas
just what the title says; two large pics [Don F.]

To cut down on the size of this file, I've moved the older MJH bookmarks into another file (warning: over 300K).

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