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Some credits

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This page contains complete credits for selected episodes of CEIA. I'm in the process of expanding it to include the full credits of all 65 episodes. As I do this, I am also putting the credits on the individual episode pages. When (if) I ever finish this project, I'll replace this page with one that lets you list and search the credits by episode number, job title, or name. (This is the plan, at least!)

The regular cast

These credits are valid for the entire series:

Clarissa Marie Darling   Melissa Joan Hart
Ferguson W. Darling      Jason Zimbler
Janet Darling            Elizabeth Hess
Marshall Darling         Joe O'Connor
Sam (Samuel) Anders      Sean O'Neal

Closing credits

Credits for episodes #101-#108 have been checked and rechecked for accuracy. They should reflect exactly what is written on-screen. Credits for episodes after #108, however, have not been rechecked since I originally collected them. They probably still contain a few typos. [However, one typo that's definitely not mine -- in the credits of ``A Little Romance'' (#147) -- is denoted with a (*).]

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