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Melissa images for downloading

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The Melissa Joan Hart Media Archives

The ultimate destination of all the images at (see below) is the Media Archives of this site. The move hasn't been completed yet, however, so I've kept the rest of this page pretty much the same as it was at my old site.

The Melissa archives at

Over the past several months, I have been trying to place all known Melissa-related images, movies and sound files at Unfortunately, I've fallen seriously behind in this endeavor. I've finally gotten README files and index files of thumbnails in every directory in the images part of the archives, but the movies and sounds sections are still in pretty sad shape. Please Stand By...

Connecting to

There are now over 3,000 Melissa-related files at with links to other locations containing thousands more.

You may connect to this archive in any of the following ways:


Please help support!

Jim Lick is no longer taking donations for, but you can still see his Donations to page to read more about the history of

Other Melissa-related archives

There are other archives of Melissa images, movies and sound files listed in Melissa Joan Hart sites around the net.

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