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Promo: ``See Clarissa do it all...''

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This is my favorite CEIA promo. (Acutally, I haven't really seen many, since I only started watching CEIA religiously after they went into permanent repeats.)

This promo was used in Dec 95 to announce a time change from 6:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central U.S. time) weekdays.

Here's a transcript with pictures...

[starts with black screen; a hand holding a TV remote-control comes into the frame and ``switches on'' the screen]

Announcer: ``She's a high school student, a daughter, a sister...''

[scenes from ``Educating Janet'' (#152), ``'' (#1) and ``The Darling Wars'' (#128) (?)]

Announcer: ``A boxer, a swami, a doctor...''

[scenes from ``Bully'' (#107), ``Haunted House'' (#106) and ``Sam.....Darling'' (#116) (?)]

Announcer: ``A prisoner, a phone operator, a reporter...''

[scenes from ``Clarissa Gets Arrested'' (#164), ``'' (#1) and ``Total TV'' (#126)]

Announcer: ``A power lifter! An island goddess! A broadway star...''

[scenes from ``Bully'' (#107), ``Road Trip'' (#143) (???) and ``Janet & Clarissa, Inc.'' (#160)]

Announcer: ``Country singer, astronaut, waitress...''

[scenes from ``Janet & Clarissa, Inc.'' (#160), ``UFO'' (#163) and ``Punch the Clocks'' (#131)]

Announcer: ``Race car driver, cowgirl, a punk rocker!''

[scenes from ``Parents Who Say No'' (#111) (?), ``Life of Crime'' (#137) and ``Alter Ego'' (#157)]

Announcer: ``See Clarissa do it all when Clarissa Explains It All. Every weekday at 6:00/5:00 Central. Only on Nickelodeon.''

[the screen is ``turned off'' by the remote control]

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