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World satellite TV info for Melissa fans

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Here's some info about different channels on European satellites that regularly air Melissa's TV shows and appearances or have in the past. In the future I hope to expand this to include information for other parts of the world, but this'll have to do for now.

Thanks to John Porter for compiling this info!

Note: (G) = German and (E) = English

Astra 19.2°E

Transponder  Name          Frequency  What they show or have shown

01           RTL2          11.214H    Touched By An Angel (G)
05           Vox           11.273H    Family Reunion (G)
08           Sky One       11.318V    Regis & Kathy Lee (E)
14           Pro 7         11.406V    Sabrina (G)
16           Sky Screen 1  11.436V    Family Reunion (E)
23           UK Gold       11.553H    The Equalizer (E)
26           Disney        11.597V    Sabrina, Touched By An Angel (E)
27           Nick G        11.612H    Clarissa (G)
46           Nick UK       11.156V    Clarissa, Sabrina (E)
46           Paramount     11.156V    Entertainment Tonight, Clueless

Eutelsat II F1 13°E

Name        Frequency  What they show or have shown

NBC Europe  10.987V    Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien (E)
RTL-2       11.095H    Touched By An Angel (G)
Vox         11.593H    Family Reunion (G)

Intelsat 707 1°W:

Name         Frequency        What they show or have shown

TV3 Norway   11.096H(D2 MAC)  Sabrina?
BBC Prime    11.136V(D2 MAC)  Clarissa (E)
TV3 Denmark  11.473V(D2 MAC)  Sabrina?
TV3 Sweden   11.597V(D2 MAC)  Sabrina?

Intelsat 601 27.5°W

Name       Frequency       What they show or have shown

BBC Prime  10.995(D2 MAC)  Clarissa (E)

Note: John Porter says, by way of clarification:

BBC Prime is an English language channel for Brits overseas. They haven't shown Clarissa in years, but when they did (Summer 1995) it was on for an hour at a time, at about 8pm (UK Time).

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