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kca0901.jpg - Melissa and Rosie on boat, looking at camera overboard
kca0902.jpg - Melissa smiles as we zoom in
kca0903.jpg - zoom continues
kca0904.jpg - shot from other side as they turn around
kca0905.jpg - as above, Melissa looking adorable (of course)
kca0906.jpg - Rosie asking Melissa why she has two first names
kca0907.jpg - as above (note navel ring, if you can see it)
kca0908.jpg - Melissa answers, 'Because I can!'
kca0909.jpg - good enough for Rosie
kca0910.jpg - Melissa smiles (adorably) at camera as Rosie continues
kca0911.jpg - as above
kca0912.jpg - Rosie asks Melissa how people are nominated for Hall of Fame
kca0913.jpg - Melissa explains
kca0914.jpg - as above, looking back at Rosie
kca0915.jpg - Melissa and Rosie nod together
kca0916.jpg - Rosie asks who are the important people who approve the induction
kca0917.jpg - Rosie & Melissa: 'You guys!' (pull back to show crowd)
kca0918.jpg - Melissa takes picture of Whoopi Goldberg kid next to her
kca0919.jpg - and holds it up as she announces her name as this year's inductee
kca0920.jpg - Rosie starts a 'Go Whoopi!' chant
kca0921.jpg - as above
kca0922.jpg - Melissa joins in chant
kca0923.jpg - shot from end of show waving goodbye