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Melissa Joan Hart as herself
This area holds television appearances Melissa has made as Melissa.

Interviews, guest hosting, and other appearances.

Last UpdatedNameSizeImagesMoviesSounds
12/28/97+ 18th Annual Cable Ace Awards640K1800
12/24/97+ Kid's Choice Awards11.9M4210
12/25/97+ Live and Kicking: Melissa in New York2.1M5600
12/21/97+ CEIA cast on Nick Arcade19.9M23000
12/24/97+ Nick News story: 'When is Clarissa, Melissa?'11.6M14800
12/22/97+ Nick News Story on Melissa/Sabrina7.5M5900
1/24/98+ 24th People's Choice Awards7.4M810
12/25/97+ USA Live6.5M6600
12/25/97+ 'U to U' segment with Betsey Johnson3.2M3500
Section Total71.2M66220
Last UpdatedNameSizeImagesMoviesSounds
12/21/97+ MTV's Motel California28.3M160417
12/24/97+ MTV Music Videos (guest VJ with Simon Rex)1.8M1600
12/21/97+ MTV's True Tales of Teen Trauma480K1200
Section Total30.6M188417
Last UpdatedNameSizeImagesMoviesSounds
12/21/97+ Nick In the Afternoon: 'Stump Stick' segment774K1000
12/21/97+ Nick In the Afternoon: reports from the 'Good Burger' Premiere.14.2M5625
Section Total15.0M6625
Last UpdatedNameSizeImagesMoviesSounds
12/23/97+ Late Night with Conan O'Brien (25 Feb 97)7.6M6610
12/25/97+ Late Night with Conan O'Brien (Sep 1997)1.3M1400
2/1/98+ Live with Regis and Kathy Lee (Feb. 1997)7.7M9411
12/25/97+ Live with Regis and Kathy Lee (Sep 1997)953K1002
12/25/97+ The KTLA Morning Show Appearance7.7M2611
1/8/98+ Politically Incorrect Jan. 9814.7M10300
12/21/97+ The Rosie O'Donnell Show 4/16/9714.6M3121
12/25/97+ The Rupaul Show (1997)959K1100
12/21/97+ The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 3/31/9710.6M3810
12/25/97+ The View (1997)905K1200
Section Total67.2M40565

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