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ln97b01.jpg - just coming through the curtain
ln97b02.jpg - the only shot of her backside; while walking to her chair
ln97b03.jpg - seated, showing a lot of leg
ln97b04.jpg - close-up smile
ln97b05.jpg - close-up bulging eyes
ln97b06.jpg - Mel & Conan
ln97b07.jpg - the Alicia Silverstone pose
ln97b08.jpg - another close-up
ln97b09.jpg - "hey, she's seventeen" re: Liz reading psycho mail
ln97b10.jpg - something's really tiny
ln97b11.jpg - yet another close-up smile
ln97b12.jpg - Mel & Tom laughing it up
ln97b13.jpg - Mel & Conan suitable for framing
ln97b14.jpg - something about this pose screams Kirstie Alley