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nn93001.jpg - title of segment: 'When is Clarissa, Melissa?'
nn93002.jpg - from CEIA intro: Clarissa turns around
nn93003.jpg - shot of Melissa on street
nn93004.jpg - camera moves up to her
nn93005.jpg - camera moves even closer
nn93006.jpg - Melissa puts on a mock-frightened expression...
nn93007.jpg - as above
nn93008.jpg - she puts her hand in front of her face
nn93009.jpg - she laughs (profile shot)
nn93010.jpg - CEIA intro: 'Melissa Joan Hart' credit
nn93011.jpg - Melissa bursts through swinging doors in dressing area...
nn93012.jpg - models an outfit...
nn93013.jpg - then laughs
nn93014.jpg - shot of Melissa on steps of brownstone in New York City
nn93015.jpg - as above
nn93016.jpg - CEIA intro: Clarissa waves as exits; CEIA logo on screen
nn93017.jpg - CEIA logo
nn93018.jpg - Clarissa on the phone, from 'Crush' (#114)
nn93019.jpg - shot from closing scene of 'The Understudy' (#121)
nn93020.jpg - Clarissa in black, from 'Take My Advice...Please' (#134)
nn93021.jpg - shot from opening scene of 'Sam.....Darling' (#116)
nn93022.jpg - CEIA intro: Clarissa puts the karate moves on Ferguson
nn93023.jpg - CEIA intro: she snaps her fingers to make him disappear
nn93024.jpg - shot of Clarissa in polka-dotted hat from 'Crush' (#114)
nn93025.jpg - from opening of 'Crush' (#114): Clarissa looks up at sky...
nn93026.jpg - then opens up an umbrella
nn93027.jpg - from 'ME 101' (#120): '...I like to break the metal...'
nn93028.jpg - '...Things off pens and use them to clean my toenails!'
nn93029.jpg - sign: 'MAKE-UP'
nn93030.jpg - Melissa getting made-up (profile shot)
nn93031.jpg - as above (from the front)
nn93032.jpg - from 'ME 101' (#120): 'Then you take out your car keys...'
nn93033.jpg - as above: 'Place them in my hand...'
nn93034.jpg - shot of NYC subway
nn93035.jpg - Melissa standing on table (?), modeling plaid skirt...
nn93036.jpg - mostly-orange outfit...
nn93037.jpg - checkerboard-pattern pantsuit and black sweater...
nn93038.jpg - red-orange jacket (?), etc...
nn93039.jpg - loose jeans, etc. -- throwing her hat
nn93040.jpg - Melissa blowing a bubble (i.e., bubblegum)...
nn93041.jpg - it pops...
nn93042.jpg - she looks at camera; tries to get gum back in her mouth...
nn93043.jpg - laughs and has to use her hand
nn93044.jpg - Melissa and wardrobe guy
nn93045.jpg - she models checkerboard pantsuit...
nn93046.jpg - as above
nn93047.jpg - Melissa explains Clarissa's style to us...
nn93048.jpg - as above: 'Clarissa's style is fun, imaginative...'
nn93049.jpg - as above: '...And there's no boundaries!'
nn93050.jpg - Melissa and wardrobe guy pick out an outfit: 'Ta-dum!'
nn93051.jpg - Melissa explains her own style (it's more 'city')
nn93052.jpg - as above
nn93053.jpg - Melissa cruises streets of New York City in shades
nn93054.jpg - she moves sunglasses to the top of her head
nn93055.jpg - Melissa walking down the street...
nn93056.jpg - she turns to camera, like: what should I do??
nn93057.jpg - as above; laughing
nn93058.jpg - she continues walking
nn93059.jpg - Melissa looking down at her shoes...
nn93060.jpg - 'I have a lock on my shoe' (shot of small padlock)
nn93061.jpg - Melissa on the lock: 'It's really the star of the show...'
nn93062.jpg - another close up of lock
nn93063.jpg - she says you can look for the lock on the show
nn93064.jpg - shot from 'ME 101' (#120): Clarissa at her computer
nn93065.jpg - Melissa: 'I'm not very into computers!' (close-up)
nn93066.jpg - as above (shaking her head)
nn93067.jpg - as above
nn93068.jpg - as above (smiling)
nn93069.jpg - as above (big smile -- great teeth shot)
nn93070.jpg - Melissa 'running camera' on set of CEIA
nn93071.jpg - she goofs for the Nick News camera
nn93072.jpg - Melissa looking at CEIA camera: 'Cool.'
nn93073.jpg - shot from 'ME 101' (#120): 'See? You do know me!'
nn93074.jpg - as above: 'I like to change my mind... all the time!'
nn93075.jpg - as above: Janet: 'That does sound like the Clarissa I know.'
nn93076.jpg - Melissa: 'My tastes change all the time...' (close-up)
nn93077.jpg - as above: '...Same as Clarissa.'
nn93078.jpg - as above: she shrugs
nn93079.jpg - Melissa and director Liz Plonka on CEIA set
nn93080.jpg - she shifts her position in response at Liz's request
nn93081.jpg - as above
nn93082.jpg - close-up of Melissa on the set
nn93083.jpg - as above: Melissa says, 'Mom... Dad...'
nn93084.jpg - as above
nn93085.jpg - as above: she mouths the word 'director.'
nn93086.jpg - as above: she makes an 'Ooooh!' scary-face
nn93087.jpg - camera pulls back to reveal Joe, Elizabeth and Liz
nn93088.jpg - they're talking about the script; Eliz. laughs at Melissa
nn93089.jpg - shot of Liz Plonka on the set
nn93090.jpg - Melissa and Joanna Garcia (Fiona) on set at a...
nn93091.jpg - 'Take My Advice...Please' (#134) rehearsal (tighter shot)
nn93092.jpg - shot from Melissa's first commercial, for a gas company
nn93093.jpg - as above; images 092-095 have flaws; happened every time
nn93094.jpg - as above (Melissa gestures)
nn93095.jpg - as above (ditto)
nn93096.jpg - Another World title logo
nn93097.jpg - poor-quality shot of Melissa from Another World...
nn93098.jpg - as above: eating cotton candy...
nn93099.jpg - as above: long shot of Melissa and other actors
nn93100.jpg - even worse-quality shots from The Equalizer
nn93101.jpg - as above: close-up of Melissa
nn93102.jpg - as above
nn93103.jpg - CEIA set, behind camera; 'Take My Advice...Please' (#134)
nn93104.jpg - shot of image in the camera as opening scene begins
nn93105.jpg - as in image #103; Melissa doing her opening monolog
nn93106.jpg - Sean O'Neal and Melissa
nn93107.jpg - as above; they're talking about the script
nn93108.jpg - 'Crush' (#114) -- Sam: 'Love is like a roller coaster.'
nn93109.jpg - as above; Clarissa: 'You mean it makes you barf?'
nn93110.jpg - as above; Sam: 'Once you reach the top...'
nn93111.jpg - as above; shot of Clarissa smiling
nn93112.jpg - Melissa talks about her boyfriend
nn93113.jpg - as above; says he's (besides her sister) her best friend
nn93114.jpg - from 'Crush' (#114): word 'LOVE' splashed across screen
nn93115.jpg - Melissa talks about her boyfriend, Mike (close-up)
nn93116.jpg - as above: 'He's about 6'2"...'
nn93117.jpg - as above: 'And he's got, like, the surfer haircut...'
nn93118.jpg - as above (smiling -- and swiveling back & forth in chair)
nn93119.jpg - as above
nn93120.jpg - from 'Crush' (#114): Clarissa talks about Flip's reports
nn93121.jpg - as above: Clarissa and Flip when they meet
nn93122.jpg - as above: Clarissa & 'Crush Connection' contestant, Dirk
nn93123.jpg - as above: Clarissa talks about Flip
nn93124.jpg - Melissa talks about life after CEIA
nn93125.jpg - from 'Take My Advice...Please' (#134): Clarissa as 'mystery woman'
nn93126.jpg - as above (close-up of Clarissa in black dress & shades)
nn93127.jpg - shot (on monitor) of 'Take My Advice...Please' taping
nn93128.jpg - editing suite at Nick Studios
nn93129.jpg - Melissa outside brownstone again (close-up)
nn93130.jpg - as above
nn93131.jpg - shot of Melissa and Elizabeth on CEIA set
nn93132.jpg - as above (laughing)
nn93133.jpg - Melissa & Sean fight over 'Super Soaker' type water gun
nn93134.jpg - as above; laughing; Melissa has gotten water in her eyes
nn93135.jpg - as above (with CEIA crew member laughing in background)
nn93136.jpg - on set of 'Football Fever' (#136) rehearsal
nn93137.jpg - as above; zoomed in on Melissa waving at camera
nn93138.jpg - close-up of Melissa talking about acting on CEIA...
nn93139.jpg - as above: 'I think anyone could do it.'
nn93140.jpg - as above
nn93141.jpg - as above (makes a face)
nn93142.jpg - as above (smiles)
nn93143.jpg - as above: 'I probably shouldn't say that!'
nn93144.jpg - as above (smiles)
nn93145.jpg - as above
nn93146.jpg - from CEIA bumper: 'Explains It All' in front of Clarissa
nn93147.jpg - as above: after Clarissa exits and word 'Clarissa' drops down
nn93mjh.jpg - MJH close-up from Feb 93 Nick News story