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equal01.jpg - opening titles: The Equalizer
equal02.jpg - opening titles: 'starring Edward Woodward'
equal03.jpg - Laura and her mother walk down the sidewalk
equal04.jpg - as above; closer
equal05.jpg - McCall: 'I think I'm here to help the lady.'
equal06.jpg - Laura's mom<?>: 'You can help me?' (?)
equal07.jpg - Laura looks at McCall
equal08.jpg - Laura looks up at <?>
equal09.jpg - McCall looks down at Laura
equal10.jpg - Laura looks at McCall
equal11.jpg - Laura explains that she called McCall
equal12.jpg - as above
equal13.jpg - as above
equal14.jpg - <?> hugs Laura
equal15.jpg - as above; Laura looks up at McCall
equal16.jpg - on the street, Laura looks at McCall...
equal17.jpg - then up at <?>...
equal18.jpg - then down
equal19.jpg - Laura looks at McCall. (Are you getting the pattern?)
equal20.jpg - Laura looks down
equal21.jpg - after running away, Laura shows up at a store in toy car
equal22.jpg - as above
equal23.jpg - as above; wider shot
equal24.jpg - as above; side shot
equal25.jpg - as above; <?> walks over...
equal26.jpg - and talks to Laura; McCall in background
equal27.jpg - as above
equal28.jpg - <?> tells Laura to never leave her again
equal29.jpg - back at home, Laura holds a stuffed elephant
equal30.jpg - as above; takes her mom's hand
equal31.jpg - after [?] calls, <?> tries to escape with Laura
equal32.jpg - <?> confronts [?]
equal33.jpg - after [?] hits <?>, Laura looks up at him...
equal34.jpg - Then runs into her mom's arms
equal35.jpg - When [?] tries to take them away, Laura runs away
equal36.jpg - as above; Laura being chased by [?]
equal37.jpg - [?] catches Laura and carries her away...
equal38.jpg - to a highway overpass
equal39.jpg - close-up of Laura
equal40.jpg - [?] lets Laura go after McCall talks to him
equal41.jpg - now McCall tries to get [?] to give himself up
equal42.jpg - <?> and Laura watch
equal43.jpg - as above; tighter shot
equal44.jpg - Laura watches her father break down
equal45.jpg - later, Laura watches McCall through her window
equal46.jpg - as above, after McCall tries to get her to smile
equal47.jpg - final scene: McCall compliments Laura on her drawing
equal48.jpg - McCall talks to Laura; following 10 shots are of Laura
equal49.jpg - Laura says her father promised to take her on a boat
equal50.jpg - McCall says he thinks it'll happen one of these days
equal51.jpg - Laura asks who's going to help her father get better
equal52.jpg - McCall says a lot of people are trying to help
equal53.jpg - Laura looks down
equal54.jpg - after McCall invites her to his house for souffle...
equal55.jpg - Laura asks what souffle is
equal56.jpg - McCall tries to answer as Laura looks at him
equal57.jpg - he admits that he doesn't know; she smiles...
equal58.jpg - and laughs...
equal59.jpg - and hugs him
equal60.jpg - <?>, Laura and McCall walk off together; drawing in foreground