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The Equalizer: 'Torn'
Melissa guest starring on the Equalizer. It was in the episode 'Torn' back in 1986.

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     equal26.zip (1.0M): equal01.jpg thru equal26.jpg
     equal51.zip (1.0M): equal27.jpg thru equal51.jpg
     equal60.zip (406K): equal52.jpg thru equal60.jpg
2.4M60 imagesAn image set from the appearance. Digitized by Donald Lancon.
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     categ23.zip (25K): categ22.jpg thru categ23.jpg
23K2 imagesThese are from the 'Edward Woodward WWW Page'. Found by Donald Lancon.
eqbeg.mpg3.8M22 secondsA cut up mpeg of scenes in the beginning with Melissa. Digitized by chanson.
eqend.mpg2.6M15 secondsA cut up mpeg of the last scene with Melissa. Digitized by chanson.
eqmall.mpg4.7M27 secondsA scene from the middle where Melissa is driving a toy car. Digitized by chanson.

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