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Episode #002 'Bundt Friday'
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 episode #002 'Bundt Friday'

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harv_jen.mp3122K Zelda: "So why are you home?"
Sabrina: "Because Jenny told me she wanted to alone with Harvey tonight, and I said it was okay."
Zelda: "And is it?"
Sabrina: "Yeah I guess ... No! No its not okay. You know harvey and Jenny are alone together. It should Harvey and me, or Jenny and me, but it shouldn't be Harvey and Jenny without me." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
onions.mp3150K Sabrina: "Hey Harvey before we start again can I tell you something?"
Harvey: "Sure, tonight we have no secrets from each other."
Sabrina: "Well its kind of personal but; I've been wanting to say this for the longest time. I think you have the worlds most perfect sideburns."
Harvey: "Really?"
Sabrina: "Yeah, and you know another thing."
Harvey: "Yeah.", Sabrina: "Onions give oyu really bad breath." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
pizza.mp324K Harvey: "Where is that pizza?"
Jenny: "We haven't ordered it yet." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
run.mp3106K Harvey: "Sabrina, Jenny said you weren't coming tonight. Is it something to do with your nose?"
Sabrina: "No, I just can't make it. You and Jenny have a good time; I'm late for the bus."
Harvey: "Hey, you run funny." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
stop.mp351K Hilda: "Stop whatever you are doing, this is more important."
Zelda: "I was on the verge of a major scientific breakthrough."
Hilda: "Nobody cares." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
bake.mp342K Sabrina: "Well do you want to help me bake your highness?"
Salem: "Like I have a choice." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
blues.mp380K Guidance Counselor: "I got no future and neither do you, your SAT score is 432. Welcome to loserville." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
mtv.mp338K Zelda: "Witchcraft in a MTV world, its all quick cuts and funny angles." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
nose.mp3123K Libby: "Harvey you would not believe what I just heard ... okay I'll tell you. That's not Sabrina's real nose."
Harvey: "Its not?"
Libby: "Don't you get it? She has surgery."
Harvey: "Why, what is wrong?"
Libby: "Never Mind." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
virgin.mp3112K Boy 1: "C'mon how far did she let you go?"
Boy 2: "How far. I didn't even try to kiss her."
Boy 1: "You didn't?"
Boy 2: "Nah, I'm not ready. Didn't I tell you I'm a virgin?"
Boy 1: "Really, me too!"
Boy 2: "Excellent!"
Boy 1: "I feel really awkward" Digitized by Mathew Tucket.

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