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Episode #004 'The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie'
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 episode #004 'The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie'

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2.7M131 imagesA scene based image set. Digitized by chanson.
boybig~1.mp376K Zelda: "Exactly what you did before, three times but in reverse."
Sabrina: "This is really weird. Boy big a be, boy big a be, boy big a be."
Mr Kazootie: "Ha Ha, that tickles." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
bussta~1.mp345K Salem: "Dear lord you picked up a guy at the bus station."
Sabrina: "No, it's the baby I'm baby sitting for. He's 14 months old, something happened to him." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
eddie.mp3256K Sabrina: "Eddie Cibrian, Eddie Cibrian, Eddie Cibrian."
Eddie: "Er, what am I doing here. I was just about to pull Hasselhoff out of a burning corvette."
Sabrina: "Oh well you can do that later, er. I was just kind of wondering if you'd turn around for me."
Eddie: "Sure!"
Sabrina: "Thanks."
Eddie: "Is that it."
Sabrina: "Yeah, unless your into jigsaw puzzles, my aunts are working on one down stairs right now with Randy Travis."
Eddie: "Hmm, sounds like fun. Guess Hasselhoff will have too wait."
Sabrina: "Wow, this magic thing isn't so bad. Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.
grands~1.mp3156K Sabrina: "Harvey I'm a goina walk the baby. You stay here and watch the game 'kay."
Harvey: "OK, but it's almost over, only a grand slam to tie."
Commentator: "He gota holda that one. It's up, it's hanging there, it could be, it might be, it's a grand slam."
Harvey: "All right."
Commentator: "There's magic in the air." Digitized by Mathew Tucket.

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