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Twisted Desire
Melissa's TV movie, 'TwistedDesire', which first aired on 13 May 96.

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     adtd131.zip (516K): adtd087.jpg thru adtd131.jpg
1.4M131 imagesAn image set. Digitized by authurdent.
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1.5M49 imagesAn image set. Digitized by bcrazy.
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122K5 imagesother images related to 'Twisted Desire' Found by Donald Lancon.
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     td2walk.zip (216K): td2nick.jpg thru td2walk.jpg
1.2M31 imagesThese are frame-grabs from promos for Melissa's TV movie, 'Twisted Desire'.

Three of the promos aired on 6 May 96, during the previous week's movie, 'NoOne Would Tell"'. One aired on 12 May 96, during a showing of 'A Few Good Men'.

Two of the promos were shown during the closing credits of the twoaforementioned movies (the promo ran in the left 60% of the screen); imagesfrom these two promos are named 'td2*.jpg'. The rest of the images ('td1*.jpg')are from the other two promos, which were shown full-screen. Digitized by "dcljr".

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4.8M154 imagesAn image set. Digitized by Charles Schultz.

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