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CEIA pilot episode

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Note: Because of the special nature of the pilot, the information about it is not given in the standard format.

The pilot episode was taped in Nov 90, but was never aired. It was reportedly identical to the first aired episode, ``Revenge'' (#101), but with certain casting differences.

``Urien'' said to the mailing list on 3 Mar 94:

Also, the original pilot had Clarissa played by Melissa and Ferguson played by Jason. Sam, however, was played by Daren E. Higgins, Marshall by Terry Layman and Janet by Nancy Youngblut. I don't know if it ever aired as such. It was directed by Henry Irving.

Note that Nancy Youngblut later played Mrs. Cheesebrow (the guidance couselor from hell) in ``Misguidance Counselor'' (#123). I don't know if Daren or Terry ever showed up in any episodes.

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