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Sample CEIA episode page

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Here is a sample episode page. Each field name is followed by a brief description of the information it contains.

Note: All episode pages are still incomplete -- some much more so than others. Actually, many of the fields below only have info in them on a few of the pages. Hey, I'm workin' on it... :-)

CEIA: ``Official Episode Title'' (#episode-number)

(miscellaneous links and maybe pics appear here)

-- Information --

Airing Info

Production Date:
Month episode taped.
Broadcast Date:
Original air date (unknown for all first-season episodes except first one).
Running Time:
Length of episode in minutes and seconds: first half + second half = total.

first half includes opening scene, title sequence, and commercial ``bumper''; second half includes ``bumper'', closing credits, and ``CEIA was taped at...'' voice-over.

(See Running times summary for more info about episode lengths.)

Some other names by which this episode has been known, including the ones used by Nickelodeon On-Line (on AOL), when they differ from the titles provided by ``urien'', a CEIA editor.

(See Alternate episode titles for a full list of alternate titles.)

Episode Content

Plot Synopsis:
A brief synopsis of the plot; I've tried to avoid giving away ``spoilers'' in this field and the following one.

[Note: Two plot synopses -- namely those of ``Blind Date'' (#139) and ``Piper Comes to Visit'' (#156) -- are pretty much verbatim from Adam Lieberman's ``Descriptive Episode List'', because I couldn't think of a better way of stating them. :-)]

What everyone else is doing in the episode.
Opening Scene:
Opening scene, including the opening line of Clarissa's monologue and the general idea of the scene.
Closing Line:
``Closing line'' of the episode (not necessarily the very last line of dialogue). Spoken by Clarissa unless otherwise noted.
Movie/TV spoofs; usually these segments are titled and the title gives away what is being spoofed (I put the latter info in parentheses anyway).
Other Cut-away Segments:
Clarissa updates, imagined scenes, etc.
Computer Stuff:
Clarissa's computer games and simulations.
Sam's Entrances:
Dialog for each of Sam's entrances through Clarissa's window; Clarissa speaks first unless otherwise noted.

(See Sam's entrances through the window for summary info about Sam's entrances.)

Names for Ferguson:
All of Clarissa's names for Ferguson. (For most episodes, ``Ferguson'' is not included; I've only recently decided to include this name, too.)
said directly to Ferguson
said to other character
said to us (to the camera or in a voice-over)
unknown (have to check)
Marshall's Designs:
Marshall's architectural wonders, whether seen or only referred to.
seen in this episode (and possibly earlier and later ones)
seen only in later episode(s)
seen in earlier (and possibly later) episode(s), but not in this one
never seen
Janet's Work:
Stuff related to Janet's job at the Children's Museum (or other work, volunteer and otherwise).


Guest Players:
Guest players.
Opening Credits:
Full opening credits, if any (first season episodes didn't have opening credits). (Note: I don't yet have opening credits on any of the pages.)
Closing Credits:
Full closing credits (this is usually where the writer, director and guest players info comes from).

Other Info

Character Names:
All of the character names referred to in the episode.
Key: (same as ``Marshall's Designs:'' field above)
seen in this episode (and possibly earlier and later ones)
seen only in later episode(s)
seen in earlier (and possibly later) episode(s), but not in this one
never seen

By ``character'' I mean a person or pet in the ``real world'' of CEIA. No characters from Clarissa's imagination -- for example, the prisoners in the ``Dames Behind Bars'' spoof in ``Clarissa Gets Arrested'' (#164) -- are listed, although this may change someday. The regular cast members are only listed in the first episode. No real people (for example, Madonna or Cher) are listed.

Real-World References:
Here's where Madonna and Cher are listed. :-) This field lists all references to real-world people, companies, products, movies, TV shows, etc. I want to link these to appropriate Web-sites, but this is a very time-consuming process.
Clarissa's ``I think it was...'' quotations, along with other notable quotes from her and other characters. I have given the real quotation being referred to, when I could figure it out. Otherwise, or in addition, I have included one or two quotes which seem related in some way to the quote from the show. The speaker is Clarissa unless otherwise noted.
prefaced by ``I think it was...''
an otherwise notable quote

Primary references:

Lyrics and Poetry:
Songs and poems appearing in the episode.
Description of all the outfits Clarissa wears. I've collected this info for the first two episodes; all other ``clothes data'' were provided by Eric Last. I've put his contributions in ``preformatted text'' style.
That is, like this.

[See also Openings, endings, and commercial bumpers for clothing Clarissa wears in commercial bumpers.]

Janet's culinary questionables and all other references to food.
Where to get frame-grabs from this episode.

-- Opinions --

Favorite Lines:
Some of my favorite lines from the episode.
Favorite Scenes:
Ditto for scenes or parts of scenes.
Other good stuff:
Things that didn't fit in the last two fields.
Weak Points and Mistakes:
Just what it says. (I haven't put any info in this field on any of the pages -- not because there aren't any things to put here, of course, but because they're all still in the ``DYNs'' section below or on my DYN: Mistakes page.)

-- DYNs --

``Did You Notice'': random observations that may be of interest.

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