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28 May 1997 Motel California
Melissa at Motel Calirfornia on Wednesday. Her third day.

Melissa has people annoy her about Clarissa.

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1.4M36 imagesThe first image set. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
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517K9 imagesAnother image set. Digitized by chanson.
mcclaris.wav257K "You know Clarissa is not my real name, its Melissa" Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mcdoinit.wav291K "Right now we are doin' it, doin' it, and doin' it well" Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mc3a.mp3439K Set up for ongoing "I'm not Clarissa" theme. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mc3b.mp3344K Segment B is more of the same. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mc3c.mp3318K She finally gets pissed and attacks James Field. Digitized by Charles Schultz.

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